Eat Up! is out february 1st 2018 – it’s all about food, culture and ways of eating. an antidote to the rash of diet books that dominate the shelves, it covers everything from food in the movies to the joy of waffles and Gemma from TOWIE.

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“if you love food then Ruby’s incisive manifesto is for you” – Thomasina Miers

“terrific piece of work, shimmering with ruby tandoh’s fierce, enquiring intelligence” – Marina O’Loughlin

“a salutary reminder that food is about nourishment in all its senses- thank you Ruby for putting the pleasure back into eating” – Helen Goh

“Eat Up! is a joyous manifesto for flavour and sanity. It will give you more nourishment and wellness – not to mention waffles! – than any number of clean eating books. Tandoh takes in everything from Nepalese chicken dumplings to the science of taste; from blackberrying to the films of Alfred Hitchcock. Ruby Tandoh has written a genre-busting antidote to food-anxiety. You come away from it feeling braver and determined to eat with more freedom and gusto. I loved it.”  – Bee Wilson


Flavour: Eat What You Love is my second cookbook – a celebration of everyday cooking and eating, with recipes for ghanaian groundnut soup, effortless leek linguine, black treacle brownies and more.

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Crumb: The Baking Book – my first cookbook, all about the magic of baking. taking you through the basics of baking, from sponge cakes to choux pastry, it features recipes including blueberry clafoutis, caraway carrot cake and rosemary pecan pie.

buy it on hive, amazon, waterstones or in good independent bookshops.

crumb cover


Do What You Want: A Zine About Mental Wellbeing is a fundraising zine created by Ruby Tandoh and Leah Pritchard. selling over 5000 copies and raising over £15000 to mental health charities, it featured contributions from Heather Havrilesky, Diana Henry, Bee Wilson, Meera Sodha, Mara Wilson and more. it’s no longer in print, but ecopies are available here.